July 23, 2015
By jemartin

It’s a very common tale. Actresses have thriving careers in TV and Film, then they hit their 40s and 50s, and wham – the work dries up. Take a tour of IMDB and you can see it over and over.

It’s nothing new, it’s the very thing that Billy Wilder afflicted Norma Desmond with in “Sunset Boulevard”. Talented people are marginalized because they don’t fit some Hollywood standard or can’t guarantee a certain ROI.

The tragic part is, these women don’t WANT to stop working. The choice is taken away by people who fail to see the value, experience and talent behind the wrinkles that come with being “a certain age”.

As an independent web series, we have the opportunity to throw those doors open again. We should, and I will, and I don’t care about casting standards, or Hollywood’s stupid interpretation of value, age and talent.

I am very proud to have worked with Katherine Justice (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0433157/) on The Nevermore Chronicles. She worked on shows and movies that I grew up with, she got to kill Kirk Douglas in a movie – COOL! She is a rare talent and she deserved better than being put out to pasture in the 90′s.

She’s made me rethink all our casting choices. We are an independent web series, we control every aspect of production. If I can’t make a positive change, even just for our show, then shame on me.

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