Head Space – The Series

My First Web Series, which I wrote and directed in 2009, is six episodes with a budget of $400.00 shot by the side of the road in the Mount Washington area of Los Angeles.

In “Head Space“, Eve and Raine meet on the internet to share the drive from Canada to Los Angeles.   Eve, unsure, is heading out to be an actress and Raine, a LA native, can’t wait to get home.   We can hear what they’re thinking and as you can imagine, it isn’t always pretty.


Starring: Daniela Torchia as Eve and Barbara Cole as Raine

Director of Photography:  Perry Paine

Produced and Edited by Elle de Champagne

Original Music by Charley Harrison

Head Space has been well received on YouTube, Stay Tuned TV and Funny or Die!

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Some Interesting Head Space Trivia:

Six Episodes of Head Space were shot over two days. For the filmmakers out there, that means we averaged 12 pages a day.

The budget for all six episodes was $400 of which half was spent on storage for the digital media.

Barbara Cole was in THE GREATER MEANING OF WATER, a film J. Elizabeth wrote that was shot in San Diego. When auditions were being held for the characters of Eve and Raine, Barbara was referred to us via one of Elle’s contacts – proving that it really is a small world.

Episode Five, PINK, is the only episode where the title has nothing to do with the subject of the episode.

In Episode Five, PINK, Producer and Editor Elle de Champagne cameos as the ‘hitch-hiker with no name’.

The ‘hitch-hiker with no name’ is a shout out to one of J. Elizabeth’s favorite films. The last line that the hitch-hiker speaks is taken verbatim from that film…

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