A Night at the Roosevelt

A man at the end of his rope stops in at the Roosevelt Hotel bar for one last drink, where his chance encounter with a mysterious young woman puts him on the path that leads from despair to hope.

I wrote and directed this short inspired by the films of the 30′s and 40′s. ANATR stars William Mendieta and Hayden Wyatt.

We shot on 35mm film and the resulting project is currently out at festivals.

A NIGHT AT THE ROOSEVELT is now on Vimeo. As the short is in negotiation to be shown on SHORTS TV, the video must be password protected. Please contact me via the link to the right or on the Contact page for the password.




Technical Stuff:

Run Time: 9 min 30 secs

Genre: Drama

Shot on Kodak Super 35MM Vision stock using an Arri 535 Camera with a 3-perf movement. DI post workflow.

Lenses: Zeiss

Filters: Classic Soft Schneider

Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1

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