When an accident floods a remote space station with deadly radiation, two colleagues grapple with life, death and what it means to be friends.

IN 2012, I was approached by Director Jonathan Lawrence to write a short science fiction film with two actors and limited locations.  Of the three ideas I pitched, they picked OMEGA.

Bert Rotundo and Rob Tepper star in this short film, but sadly, there has been a delay in production because of busy schedules.

We shot a couple of short clips to accompany the piece.  I wrote them.

Clip #1:  Another Day at Work, until it all blows up

Clip #2: Sex and the Single Avatar

But what is it all about???

At first glance, OMEGA is a story about death but that’s not really what was on my mind when I wrote it.  I wanted to explore the nature of what makes someone ‘alive’ and what is a ‘friend’.

As scientists push the limits of artificial intelligence, I envision a future where we will be friends with entities who are not alive and yet are intelligent and capable of human-like response, emotions and feelings.  For example, as we’ve accepted that we can be friends with many different animals, we have personified them, given them rights under the law and now consider them part of the family.

Could that also hold true for a creature not alive but rather created from bits and bytes? What makes someone alive?  Sure, there are clinical definitions, but will they hold up in the future?  What defines friendship?  It makes you think.  It made me think… the result is OMEGA.


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