Multiplane Camera Documentary with Disney Feature Animation

In Production with Director Dave Bossert and Disney Feature Animation on a documentary about Walt Disney’s Multiplane Camera.  This is the original camera stand, altered little over the years, that was used to shoot SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARVES (1937).  It’s an honor to be in the same orbit as this piece of history.

Vintage Multiplane  and  The Stand as it appears today

The original poster for Snow White featured the Multiplane prominently at the bottom.  Disney was quoted in Time, December 1937, “It was always my ambition to own a swell camera . . . and now, goddammit, I got one. I get a kick just watching the boys operate it, and remembering how I used to have to make ‘em out of baling wire”.

I am so excited to be working with The Walt Disney Company as a producer.

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